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hi there i really like jon snow and
lee adama a lot and i tag my stuff


scots in the highlands


Upcoming comic book movies 2015-2019

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so turns out the guy who discovered uranus originally wanted to name it “george”

just. imagine a planet called George

mercury venus earth jupiter saturn GEORGE

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employer: why should we hire you?

me: i got first place on Rainbow Road

employer: holy shit

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*watches a show* yooooooo

*looks at fandom* noooooo.

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why r fire extinguishers in glass cases that u have to smash?? its like u know what this fire needs?? more danger

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"Original Song from ‘The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" is titled "The Last Goodbye" and is written by Billy Boyd, Walsh, & Boyens" (X)

o    h      n     O

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